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Flannel: the warm country-style fabric

Flannel: the warm country-style fabric

That country lumberjack air…

That hipster style on the bike…

That 90s musician grunge flavor…

Everything can be said about flannel, but not that it isn't a fabric that gives character to the wearer!

This versatile material certainly deserves its place among the most elegant Jacquard And Oxford , to which you have nothing to envy: just choose the right occasion and the perfect look is done!

Let's discover together the characteristics of the flannel !


There flannel it is obtained from a processing technique that involves three fundamental steps: fulling, felting and raising. This makes it possible to obtain an extremely resistant and warm material, which once made the flannel shirts the garments chosen among factory workers, because they are able to cover at the right point, protect and contrast stains and tears.

Over the decades, however, the flannel has detached itself from its connotation of garment from only working use to become a symbol of new trends and fashions in the musical world of the 80s, then exploded with the grunge rock genre in the 90s. A famous example is the young man Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, which made the flannel shirt a style icon.


As already mentioned, the flannel is the result of a complex processing of wool or of cotton , whose treatments give life to a twill weave with a large capacity of thermal insulation it's a amazing resistance.

In particular, the raising phase, which raises the typical fine hair of this fabric, perceptible to the touch, makes it particularly hot and definitely soft .

There flannel shirt it can be dyed with the typical Scottish textures, with small or large checks and with bright and bright colors, such as red, green and yellow, but it can also be single-coloured, in neutral shades such as dove gray and cornflower blue.

When to wear it

Of course there flannel it's not a summery fabric, but it's definitely perfect for fall and winter, or for cooler spring days.

Typically combined with jeans and boots, it makes a good presence in the mountains, and no one will object if you wear it under a ski suit!

But if you like it country “woodcutter” style and you love to dress comfortably with a touch of originality, even in the city it can be the protagonist of yours leisure wardrobe !

Do you want to be daring in the office? In creative environments it is also perfect for every day!…Otherwise, take advantage of the “casual friday” to show it off without feeling guilty!