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The shirt in autumn-winter: a guide to wearing it at its best

The shirt in autumn-winter: a guide to wearing it at its best

The shirt is certainly one of the most versatile items that exist, because it is present in every season's wardrobe and can be dressed in a thousand different ways, but the rule to create the perfect look is always the same: you have to know how to wear it!

There are some shirts that are more suitable for the cold season, in terms of materials, patterns and combinations. That's why at Garuffo, with the arrival of the new collection, we have drawn up a short style guide: how to best wear a shirt in autumn-winter!

The twill shirt

The twill fabric is soft and enveloping, and its warp and weft weave follows a diagonal fit that makes it particular to the eye but also very resistant, not very elastic and rather heavy, it holds its crease and is easy to iron. Whether it's in cotton or silk, the twill shirt covers well, and even with the coldest temperatures it maintains a good body temperature. A famous model of twill shirt and flannel shirt, which we talk about in the next point.

The flannel shirt

Flannel is an ideal fabric for winter, both for its resistance, given by its twill weave, and for its ability to give warmth thanks to the technique with which it is made, the brushing, which consists in a fixing that it lifts the fluff and by retaining the air it acts as a thermal insulator.
Always present in the world of workwear (the "lumberjack" checked shirt is a formidable example), fashion for some decades has wanted to give the right value to cotton or wool flannel, creating jackets, trousers , shirts. The single color, like grey, will make the flannel shirt infallible on a thousand occasions!

The plaid shirt

Not only in flannel: the checked shirt, already mentioned above, can be lighter but just as resistant in its double twisted cotton version, and it seems made especially for autumn! With the small or large check, one-color or two-color, indulge your imagination and your choice of character will not go unnoticed.
With her, on winter evenings (and not just in the mountains) you'll look great!

The shirt with the sweater

When we say "shirt" a jacket always appears in our imagination, right? This is because their combination is a timeless and indisputable classic, in business environments, in the office, on special occasions, for ceremonies.
But the cold temperatures offer the joy of a more casual and equally stylish "extraction of the rule", as well as decidedly more comfortable: let's talk about the shirt-sweater duo!
Cardigans and V-necks are allowed, but for a simpler look play it safe with a crewneck sweater and a button-down model shirt or a classic Italian collar (mirecommend, collar inside!): they will be a very happy couple!

The denim shirt

Years and fashions go by, but she always manages to make her way through the new trends: let's talk about the denim shirt, perfect for autumn, because she knows how to be alone on milder days, without jackets and sweaters. The right shade must be chosen, naturally depending on the color of the rest of the look.
In winter, combine it with a leather biker jacket for a more "rock" style, or with a wool blazer even for a casual outfit.