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Linen: the origins and characteristics of this fabric that is the protagonist of summer shirts

Linen: the origins and characteristics of this fabric that is the protagonist of summer shirts

We have entered the best period to finally show off our linen shirts! Precious fabric with very ancient origins and a thousand qualities, it can't be missing in our wardrobes for the summer!
Let's find out the details!


Linen is the oldest textile fiber in the world: we know its use since 8000 BC, it was a symbol of purity and ubiquitous in the tombs of Egypt in 6000 BC, and the Phoenician navigators exported it by sea to Great Britain, inaugurating the its debut on the European continent.
The Roman Empire developed its cultivation and processing and refined its use both for clothing and for the home.

In the journey up to the present day, linen has never gone out of fashion nor has it lost its place among the most precious and used fabrics, and from century to century the spinning and production techniques have become increasingly refined.


Linen is a textile fiber that is obtained from the stem of the homonymous herbaceous plant belonging to the Linaceae family. Once collected, the stems are gathered in bundles and left to dry.

Depending on the origin and the maceration systems, the flax can be white, yellowish or gray in colour. The white-grey linen is the best in quality, shiny to the eye, tenacious and soft to the touch.
To obtain very fine fibers, the harvest is carried out when the stem is still green and the fruit has just formed, from which the precious blue flax is obtained, that is a very fine and soft fiber, but less resistant.

The composition and architecture of the fibers give linen exceptional properties.

– Resistance: the tubular architecture of the fibers and the high quantity of cellulose give it the primacy among fabrics for resistance

– Moisture Absorption: it has an unrivaled ability to absorb moisture (it can retain water in quantities equal to its dry mass), which makes it perfect for delicate contact with the skin.

– Thermoregulation: flax is an empty fiber, and this allows you to regulate the temperature, retaining the heat outside in the hottest periods.

Plus, it's hypoallergenic and really comfortable. All very compelling reasons to have one, two, ten linen shirts in your wardrobe!


Linen is comfortable, versatile and gives a neat and elegant look, while still leaving you with a pleasant sensation of freshness and freedom on the skin.

The linen shirt is a must have for summer fashion, because it is an extremely versatile garment, which can be worn both at work and in your free time.
For the office, the white linen shirt is perfect and can be combined with light-colored trousers or a pair of light jeans. It will make you feel elegant and at the same time leave a feeling of freshness on the skin even on the hottest days.
But the linen shirt gives its best in the second half of the day: wearing it for an outdoor lunch, with the sleeve rolled up to the forearm, or after sunset for an aperitif or dinner on the beach, the great it's insured!

Does the linen shirt crease? Yes, it's true, but don't worry: the creased effect is part of the charm of this garment, and it gives it a more casual touch!