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White shirt for women: 10 ways to wear it

White shirt for women: 10 ways to wear it

There fashion it transforms over the decades, changes from year to year, is changeable and unpredictable, strongly linked to the history and culture of each period in which it is expressed. And yet, to resist the metamorphoses of fashion there are always those "highlights", those "workhorses", those "must have", in short, call them what you want: they are the passepartout of dressing well!

Any examples? The jeans (which we talked about in the article on denim ), the leather jacket (returns every half season) and of course her: the white shirt . She is the timeless classic, present in all our wardrobes without distinction of gender!

Here we want to tell you about its female version, the protagonist of many successful outfits: here are the 10 ways to wear a white shirt for women to always be perfect!

With the pants

1- With Jeans

There's no white shirt that doesn't go well with a nice pair of denim pants! With light jeans and sneakers for a simple and no-frills look, slipped into a skinny model and left soft for those who love casual but with style!

2- With palazzo pants

For a touch of discreet but effective elegance, the white shirt can perfectly accompany palazzo trousers, but rigorously with high shoes, which leap and exalt the combination.

3- With leather pants

If you don't like going unnoticed and/or you have a rock soul that can't stay hidden, you can amaze with a very classic white shirt over very tight black leather trousers.

With the suit

4- Soft suit

The suit can really be said to be "complete" only with her: the shirt! Choose it soft and feminine for everyday in the office: you will be comfortable during the day and charming during an aperitif after work.

5- Complete "androgynous"

If you love a slightly androgynous style, mix masculine and feminine with a very close-fitting suit and a shirt buttoned up, even risking a tie: you'll be original and minimal at the same time!

6- Complete "hostess"

Always for the office but also for a business dinner, combine a jacket, shirt and skirt, a little "hostess style", and you will feel impeccable and chic!

With the skirt

7- Longuettes

If you like to be elegant but discreet in the office, the white shirt will be in perfect harmony with a pencil skirt and medium-heeled shoes, definitely bon ton!

8- Miniskirt

For summer evenings, dare the contrast between white shirt and miniskirt for a balanced combination of classic and transgressive.

9- Vintage wheel

And if you still haven't forgotten Grease and you love 50s atmospheres, you'll know that the white shirt is the perfect ally for flared skirts, even better if colored or with retro prints!

And finally…

10- There is one last style that we would like to mention to close this small selection of the thousand ways to wear a white shirt with originality: just tie the ends at the waist to make it a perfect crop top summery over shorts, a colorful skirt or high-waisted jeans: a real tribute to the 90s!

Did we make you salivate for a white shirt? Choose between the Rossana Garuffo Oxford and Piquet models, and then indulge yourself with the patterns of the colored models !