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Hanging the shirt: how not to iron it (almost) anymore!

Hanging the shirt: how not to iron it (almost) anymore!

Those who have a wardrobe with many shirts, those who have few and affectionate ones, those who have only one for special occasions: for everyone there is the specter of creases that make an elegant garment a messy look, there is the bogeyman of impeccable ironing .

If you don't like ironing your shirts (and who does?), or if you want to spend much less time, there is one thing that we “Shirt lovers” must be careful about before taking out the ironing board and iron, and that can almost make them unnecessary: ​​drying the shirt!

Well yes, those who dry by spreading their shirts well have already done 80% of the ironing (sometimes even 100%)!

And if you don't believe us, try to follow our advice: you will be surprised!

What to do after washing?

After washing, shake the shirt firmly to remove all excess water, then gently pull its parts, sleeves and bust, as if you were going to stretch it. This is how you will already eliminate most of the creases due to the rubbing and wrinkling of the fabrics.

Clothespins yes or clothespins no?

Absolutely not! Eliminate them from your vocabulary of shirt wearers, if you don't want to have ugly marks on the fabric, really difficult to remove even with the best iron!

Choose the right hanger!

Let's get to the real secret of this article: to have a crease-free and (almost) ready-to-wear shirt you need… the right hanger!
It must be sturdy and wide like the laundry ones to give volume to the shoulders, preferably if the ends reach the seam between the shoulder and the sleeve. Remember to hang it unbuttoned, or if there is a bit of wind with the top buttons closed.
Furthermore, if the shirts are colored and if you hang them out in the sun, avoid colored hangers, which could release stains on the fabric due to the heat. Choose a beautiful crutch in natural wood and you will have pampered your shirt!

Once dry, your shirt will be without deep creases and creases, to be quickly ironed or, for the less perfect ones (and for more casual styles) ready to be worn with style!