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What size shirt do you wear? Here is the universal method to measure it perfectly!

What size shirt do you wear? Here is the universal method to measure it perfectly!

And you, what size shirt do you wear?
Could you answer this question?
It is not easy to identify the perfect measurements for your shirt so that it "fits" perfectly, but there are tricks to discover them and use them to choose the right shirt all over the world!

We reveal the universal method to find the right size!


The measurement always starts from the neck. Wrap a tape measure around your neck, taking care not to tighten too much. It can pass about a finger between the neck and the tape measure. For the consideration on the shirt, open it well and spread out the neck, always measuring it with the tape measure.


Place the beginning of the measuring tape at the beginning of one shoulder, at its widest point, and roll it out in a straight line to the widest point of the opposite shoulder.


For women's shirts, the defined waistline is a very important detail, but flared shirt models also look great on sporty men's physiques.
Measure your waist at its widest point, around your belly button. On the shirt, place the measuring tape between the last and next to last button.


Run the tape measure under your armpits to measure your chest.


To measure your hips correctly, place the measuring tape just above your hips.


For the right length, place the measuring tape across the center of your back and measure from the base of your neck to under your buttocks.


The sleeve must be able to go down the arm without forming wrinkles and must not tighten when bending the limb. To measure the right length, bend your arm 90 degrees and measure it in this position. On the shirt, it should match the measurement from the shoulder to the end of the sleeve, including the wrist.


The perfect cuff, on the other hand, must remain in place even when the arm is bent. Take the measurement of the wrists at the joint, surrounding the wrist with the measuring tape.

And now…Choose the right size of your Garuffo shirt , with REGULAR or SLIM FIT fit!