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How to remove stains from your shirt: the right method for every stain

How to remove stains from your shirt: the right method for every stain

When we dirty a shirt we are always afraid of not being able to repair the damage done to the fabric.

Still, there's a secret to getting rid of all kinds of stains!

We reveal them all to you in this article!


The panacea for all stains!

Marseille soap is still the most effective "grandmother's remedy" for eliminating even the most stubborn dirt, such as coffee, tea and chocolate! Sprinkle the machine with solid or liquid soap and carefully scrub the fabric by hand, or with a moistened but delicate brush. Let it soak for half an hour, then rinse.

Finally, finish with hand washing or a washing machine with a gentle spin.


Every stain originally has a substance, whose unwelcome presence on fabrics can be eradicated using the right ingredients!

Here is a list!

OIL: Sprinkle the stain with talcum powder, leave for 10 minutes. Then drop the talcum powder residues that detach from the stain, using a brush, and continue with the wash.

COFFEE, TEA: treat, or rub if necessary, with a mixture of water and alcohol, and finally dab with a tissue soaked in white vinegar.

RED WINE: Sprinkle the stain with coarse salt, which will absorb the liquid. If the stain is already dry, dab it with white vinegar after treating it with alcohol and water.

CHOCOLATE, LIPSTICK, INK: use 90% alcohol to remove the stain, rubbing gently. Finally, wash in cold water.


Yellowed collars will no longer be a problem: there are many ways to remove them! Among the most effective, rubbing the stain with shampoo or dish detergent (or with the classic, magical Marseille), soaking and final washing. Another secret ingredient?

Baking soda: mix it with warm water in an emulsion and spread it on the stain. Leave to soak for half an hour and finally wash!